PAHU Drum Chants of Hawaiʻi

Taupōuri Tangarō


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Pahu drum of Hawaii, has its drum-relatives throughout the indigenous world. The drum has the ability to ground one’s thoughts, clarifying one’s inner voice. The pahu makes one float in dance. At a glance, hula pahu, no matter the hālau, are never delivered with frivolity; rather, there is a solemness to the presentation – the dancer removes expression from the face, the crowd hushes, and the drum begins. For many hālau, hula pahu are reserved for skilled dancers and drummer-chanters.

Taupōuri Tangarō descends from a long line of hula pahu practitioners, passing on their craft from generation to generation. Pahu: Drum Chants of Hawaii features 23 tracks of beautiful and powerful chants that celebrates this ancient drum. His presentation is simple: just his pahu named Pokinikini, his kilu, Kakala, and his varied voices.

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