Among My Hawaiian Souvenirs

Genoa Keawe


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AMONG MY HAWAIIAN SOUVENIRS was one of the most popular, influential, and biggest selling albums in the history of Hawaiian music. This is that original 1956 album, from the 49th State Records label…and no longer in print!
Genoa Keawe was one of the most important vocalists in 20th century Hawaiian music. Talent, longevity, popularity and lasting influence on the music, all define her. Her name alone evokes images of Hawaiian music performed in the traditional style. And Genoa Keawe’s exquisite voice defines an era and a style of classic Hawaiian music that — not so long ago — was all but forgotten.

On this 1956 recording, Genoa Keawe’s young voice soars in the upper registers. And as she demonstrates her amazing ability to sustain breathless high notes, you will swear that time stands still. This album includes the recording debut of her talented son, Gary Aiko — who was a teenager at the time.

Now — 60 years later — this is your gift of aloha to cherish and treasure among your Hawaiian souvenirs.

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