Hawaiʻi’s Keola & Kapono Beamer

Kapono Beamer & Keola Beamer


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From Keolaʻs webpage:
In this classic recording, Keola & Kapono Beamer truly define their harmony and sound. This album was produced in 1976 by the legendary Sonny Burke, a musical powerhouse of a man who penned several great arrangements for Frank Sinatra.

Sonny took a liking to the brothers and got them together in Herb Ono’s “Sounds of Hawaii Studio” on Young Street in Honolulu.

Several classics emerged from these sessions including the humorous songs “Mr. Sun Cho Lee” (the Beamers’ musical exploration of Hawaiʻi’s cultural diversity) and the famous, “Sweet Okole” about the attraction humans have for the rear/hind end or posterior of the body. Yikes. Both songs became runaway hits in Hawaiʻi and are still heard on the radio to this day.

We apologize that the guitar tuning information for this recording was never notated by the brothers, though it sounds like thereʻs a lot of Taro Patch and Keola’s C going on. Its great when recordings stand the test of time and this one certainly does!